How can coaching do this?

Just as you may have a gym coach to bring out the best in you physically, now you can employ a coach to develop your life and career. Coaching is a partnership; together you and your coach create clarity and insight into yourself – your innate talents as well as the baggage you may be carrying that prevents you reaching your potential.

And, as with a gym coach, you have to do the work! Your coach is there to guide, encourage and challenge you to stretch your abilities and to attain the goals you set yourself. But most important, your coach gives you the space and time to think about what matters to you in your life – and how often do you get the chance to do that?


Are you looking to make a fundamental change in your career but are not sure what direction to take, or how to go about making the change? If so, coaching may be the answer you need.

Clearsight is a Johannesburg-based coaching practice run by me, Jenny Kilian, focusing on helping people looking to redefine their career.

My belief is that every one of us possesses unique talents but we rarely get the opportunity to use these at work, or elsewhere in our lives. In fact, often we don’t even know what our true talents are. The result is that we end up in ‘ok’ jobs in which we feel secure, but which don’t supply that spark of energy that really motivates us.

I turn this around. Why try to adapt yourself to a job that does not satisfy you? Instead, why not take what you really love to do and find a job that pays you to do it!

Transform your career. Transform your life!

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Jenny Kilian