What could you and I achieve together?

Coaching is an equal partnership. Together we will work to explore your current situation – what’s working and not working – and start to define a new direction for your career. We do this such that the next steps become clear, even if the final destination is as yet unknown.

Is coaching right for you? Rather ask: are you ready for coaching? Consider these questions:

  1. What is important to me about my professional life?

  2. What difference do I wish to make and to whom?

  3. What unique talents do I have?

  4. How do others perceive me?

  5. What or who is holding me back?

  6. Given the chance, what sort of person would I like to become?

Were some of the questions hard to answer, even uncomfortable? If so, good! It means that you are thinking and are open to questioning yourself. This is the basis of coaching.

As your coach I will observe you, question you and sometimes challenge you, but mostly I will give you the space to discover yourself and what you are uniquely gifted to achieve.

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